Welcome to Orka Homes,

Welcome to ORKA Homes Design & Construction Company. For many years ORKA Homes Design & Construction is recognized as the leader developer of the Aegean coast of Turkey. Over more than 20 years ORKA has been constructing many luxurious residential properties and 5 star hotels and holiday resorts under the brand name of ORKA Homes and ORKA Hotels.
ORKA Homes gives you more than just a property with swimming pool. With picking up the best locations for the interest of any individual, carefully designed projects to support multi purposes (all year around living, holiday home, investments, rental income and so on) of our clients, attention to the details on finishing, thinking outside of the box, using quality materials and setting higher service quality each year. These are some of the facts that makes us the well respected company of the area.


As a construction company, Orka Homes, built hundreds of villas, apartments and complexes in the region and offered them to the service of domestic, foreign investors and holidaymakers, has implemented the Orka Concept by combining the facilities of its 4 and 5 star hotels in the region. Our relations do not come to an end with the sale of the house, yet the Orka Concept is the beginning of a long-term union.

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