Custom Built

Design your dream villa with Orka Homes

Orka Homes offers you the posibility to create your own unique home on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, exactly how you dream about it. After choosing the right plot of land from our wide selection, you can start-up from scratch or adapt a ready-made plan. To realise your dream and to have an optimum reflection of it, our real estate consultants and architects will assist you during the whole process.

Steps of the process

1. Choosing the right location, size and plot

2. Drawing the architectural plans and 3D images, defining of the technical specifications

3. Preparing and signing the purchase contract

4. Starting legal activities (military clearance etc.), obtaining building licence and starting the construction

5. Completion of the building process and delivery of the property

Within those 5 single steps, you will be the owner your dream home, in a process shorter than 12 months.

As our contracts are set at fixed prices there will be no unexpected surprises during the construction of yourhome.

We recommend you to visit at least twice during the construction phase. Your stay will be in one of ourhotels and your transfer from and to the airport will all be free of charge.